Windsock App for iOS

Advanced weather app for RC FLIERS

Check the wind, rain and other elements remotely,
Save time and fly smarter

Windsock is an advanced weather app for fliers of RC planes, helicopters and drones. As a pro perhaps you've already found that packing the flight gear and driving down to the park only to find it's too windy to fly can be frustrating. Instead use this tool to drop markers down on a map and get the latest wind readings, rain and daylight info for a near-by location so you can feel confident that it's great weather at sunset for your activity or even if it's great right now - find those perfect flying weather windows!

Advanced Forecasts

High-resolution multi-source 7 day forecasts provided hourly straight from to give you reliable data for sites all over the world.

Sunrise and Sunset Info

Sun data presented visually, textually and verbally so you know exactly how much daylight is remaining.

Direction finder

Forget throwing a bit of muddy grass in the air, for devices with a built-in compass Windsock shows relative wind directions.

Local Sites

Grab forecasts for your current location without even having to add it as a site!


Once you're at your location just shake your device and it will read out how much daylight you have left.

Wind Condition Tick Marks

Create a wind condition rule and get tick marks next to wind conditions that match. Great for visual scanning!

With the app in your pocket you can get the wind speed and direction up to 7 days in advance with high-resolution wind readings every hour on demand for almost anywhere in the world. With the ability to share and print wind graphs and conditions you can let your friends know too.

If your device has a built-in compass and a cellular radio, use local sites and "Relative Wind Directions" to quickly work out the wind direction and get wind speeds in kts, ft/s, mph, m/s, kph and Beaufort Scale. Once you're at your location just shake your device and it will read out how much daylight you have left. If a friend wants to know where you're heading you can Airdrop a site to them too!

Download it now and enjoy the most advanced weather app for RC fliers available today.

We've been hard at work on some great new features !

Screenshot of Windsock App displaying site wind forecastsScreenshot of Windsock App displaying wind graphs

Windsock 2.0 is our most feature packed version yet

  • Full Forecast wind graphs
  • Air print full-page wind graphs
  • Share wind graphs on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tick marks for quick wind condition checks
  • Airdrop, share and import your sites
  • Lithium Polymer battery temperature warnings
  • Integrated map showing all your sites
  • Displays wind in kts, ft/s, mph, m/s, kph and Beaufort Scale
  • Displays temperature and rain info
  • High resolution data for the lifetime of the app
Available on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Windsock stopped working and is now asking for a subscription?!

Windsock 2.0 was launched end of 2013 and unfortunately as popular as it was, it made a massive loss. It used the best weather data available which sadly isn't free and every time a forecast was fetched it had a cost associated. While the original app was priced to include a casual amount of usage over the lifetime of the app version (1 year being the expected lifetime), it was a business model that sucked. The more usage Windsock got the more its costs started to spiral and so I had to regrettably remove the app from the store mid-2014.

However many loyal users had paid and I didn't feel it was fair to just shut everything down after seven months even if I knew the business model wouldn't work. Therefore I kept paying the server and data costs for a full 3 more years expecting users to move onto other apps but it just didn't happen! I regularly got emails from keen users who still used Windsock every day!

Unfortunately, the costs reached a point where I had to make a decision to either shut the server and app down completely or try and resurrect the business model to make it sustainable. Hence Windsock 3.0 is now using an in-app purchase subscription model. I know that is very frustrating for many of you. If it helps I kept the app version going well beyond its original 1 year lifetime, however, I hope you understand I had to make the change or kill the app completely.

Windsock 3.0 has a host of new features and data which I hope you'll try out and I would like to thank you for supporting Windsock over the years.

How much is a subscription?

Subscriptions to premium weather data are £2.99 (UK), $2.99 (US) for 1 month and charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Note there is a 1 week free trial.

How do I buy a subscription?

You can buy a subscription by downloading the latest version of the app on the App Store and then going to Windsock > Settings > Subscription.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Subscriptions automatically renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renew can be turned off by navigating to subscriptions into iTunes.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, when you subscribe you can trial it for 1 week. If you wish to cancel you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged.

Does Windsock work in all of the USA? E.g. Hawaii and Alaska. How about Scotland?

Windsock uses a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location. Whilst developing the application, hundreds of test points all over the world were used and Windsock has been developed to give excellent readings particularly in remote locations.

How accurate is the wind data?

Windsock uses data from Forecast.IO, a next generation forecast service that gives high-resolution readings every hour up to 7 days in advance. Forecast.IO is a paid-for service that uses multiple weather services such as local weather stations, satellites and even meteorological airport forecasts and feeds them into various weather models to generate highly accurate local forecasts for locations all over the world.

Which units of measurement are supported?

Windsock will display wind readings in kts, ft/s, mph, m/s, and kph. Temperature units can be displayed in degrees C and degrees F while the pressure can be displayed in hPA (millibars) and inHg. To configure this open the app to the main screen displaying all your sites. Tap on the Settings cog on the bottom left toolbar and then tap Units. You can then configure your default measurement unit.

Why is there a battery warning symbol on the readings?

This symbol displays in cold temperatures when Lithium Polymer batteries such as those used in GoPro cameras, RC planes and drones often have reduced performance. If this is a feature that doesn’t apply to your activity you can turn it off in the settings. To do this, open the app to the main screen displaying all your sites. Tap on the Settings cog on the bottom left toolbar and then toggle the Battery Warnings switch.

Can I create custom site names?

It's quite easy to change the names for your sites once you know how. From the main list view, tap the edit button in the top left corner of the screen and you'll get the delete icons appear next to your sites. Don't worry, tap in the middle of the row you would like to change and it should let you change the name.

If you like, enable the Japanese Emoji keyboard on your device and you'll be able to add icons to the name too!

Didn’t find the answer?

Just ping me a message and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly.

Available on the App Store