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UAV Coach Launches $2,000 Drone Scholarship

by Richard Warrender on 10 March 2018
Estimated reading time 3 minutes
Drone flying early morning in mountains

Aiming to highlight ways drones are being used for good, UAV Coach recently launched a $2,000 scholarship for U.S. college students. With two awards of $1,000 each available. In addition, they're also offering a scholarship to high school students that provides free access to Drone Pilot Ground School. Read on to find out more details and how to be considered.

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10 Drone Blogs you should bookmark

by Richard Warrender on 5 March 2018
Estimated reading time 4 minutes
Aerial photo of a small village hidden in the moutains covered in mist

There are thousands of drone blogs to read and study and that's just covering articles on how to buy a DJI drone! To save you having to trawl through the internet we've listened 10 of the best drone and photography blogs currently available. Have a read and bookmark them now.

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Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries

by Richard Warrender on 1 March 2018
Estimated reading time 6 minutes
A group of Lithium Polymer batteries piled on top of each other

Lithium-ion polymer batteries or lipos as they are often called are super light-weight batteries. Most drone or RC aircraft these days use them because they're incredibly affordable and relatively safe - if you treat them correctly that is! Read on to get a deeper understanding of lipo batteries.

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Essential First Aid every drone pilot should know

by Richard Warrender on 17 February 2018
Estimated reading time 6 minutes
First Aid and Survival Kit

Every drone pilot should know some basic first aid. Flying drones and model planes is an incredibly rewarding experience however it can be very dangerous. As a drone pilot, you are often balancing machines in the air that have exposed blades rotating at over 5000 revolutions per minute, not to mention that many drones can travel at 30 miles per hour or more. Even a foamy park flier has the potential to cause serious injury! In addition, if you consider many pilots often like to fly in quiet remote locations where help isn't easily accessible, it's even more critical that you should take 5 minutes to learn some basic first every drone pilot should know.

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