How-to Videos

Learning how to use a new app can be incredibly rewarding. However, in the beginning, it can be frustrating. Save time by watching some of our how-to videos as we demo Windsock in easy to digest topics.

How to add a site

Discover how to to use Windsock to quickly add a site using two different methods - searching and pin dropping.


How to rename a site

Discover how to quickly and easily change a site's name to make it better suited for your purposes.


How to delete a site

No longer need a site? Discover how to quickly and easily delete a location on your device.


How to see all information in a site

Discover how to access the 4 key data panels and how to use the relative compass direction feature.


How to set and use tick rules

Tick rules allow you to visually identify good and bad flying times. Discover how to apply a tick rule.


How to set reminder notifications

Quickly set a reminder notification so you can get prompted to leave or re-check the weather again.