10 Drone Blogs you should bookmark

by Richard Warrender on 5 March 2018
Estimated reading time 4 minutes

There are thousands and thousands of drone blogs to read and study and that's just covering articles on how to buy a DJI drone! To save you having to trawl through the internet we've listened 10 of the best drone and photography blogs currently available. Have a read and bookmark them now.

1. PhotoCrowd

While strictly not just about drones, this photography blog has some great articles on how to take your drone photography to the next level and the most breathtaking drone photography of the year. Come back to this blog regularly and you’ll improve your aerial photography dramatically.

2. UAV Coach

UAV Coach has many different articles and videos for training which is very comprehensive. The visuals used throughout are very appealing - from the landscape photos of scenic landscapes through to the informative diagrams. There is also a community section which has a thriving forum of friendly members where you can ask for advice.

3. Dronestragram

It bills itself as a social network for drones. Rest assured your drone won’t start chatting to other drones late at night, instead it features lots of really good looking photos taken from drones. You can vote on, star and even contact the original photographer to purchase prints. They also hold regular international drone photography competitions so if you’re a budding photographer you should give this site a look.

4. Black Tie Aerial

Everything on how to build a quadcopter + more. It covers everything from the maths to which hardware to purchase and solder. Packed full of articles, if you were only allowed to access one website on drones, it should be this!

5. DroneDeploy Blog

https://blog.dronedeploy.com Drone Deploy is actually an app that allows drone pilots to quickly create aerial maps and 3D models. Despite their blog seeming to solely mention their apps and tools, it does provide a great insight into the commercial drone industry and is worth a read.

6. /r/Drones

The drones subreddit has an interesting mix of jaw-dropping landscape videos and photos, intertwined with articles and drone-related links from across the internet.

7. MyFirstDrone

We all have that friend that knows everything there is about cars. He’s your first port of call when you’re looking to buy a car. MyFirstDrone is that friend except specifically targeted at drones and not MINI Coopers (Tom, I’m talking about you!).

8. The Drone Girl

Drone Girl is run by Sally French, a journalist and self-proclaimed “geek girl” from the Bay area (San Francisco) who loves drones. In her last semester, she did a drone journalism course and never looked back. Her blog has some interesting perspectives on drones with plenty of guides, news and articles. The Drone Girl's Twitter account is a must follow too.

9. sUAS News

This is a very popular commercial drone news blog that should be on your list. The articles tend to cover regulations and new technology used in a commercial environment. While a little dry in places (did I mention it has a lot of regulation articles), it’s very informative and a blog to check regularly.

10. Dronethusiast

Tips and tricks are something that many drone blogs miss but Dronethusiast delivers on in heaps. It has a number of interesting articles that I’ve never even considered before such as “What’s the best choice for a fishing drone?”. There are plenty of reviews, tutorials and general drone news to keep you busy reading your phone whilst waiting for that bus at the stop!

Know of any "gems"?

Hopefully you've been able to while away a few hours reading some of these blogs. There are plenty of great drone and photography blogs out there but if there are any ones you really love, please get in touch and tweet them to us at @windsockapp.

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