App Update: What's New in Windsock 3.4

by Richard Warrender on 3 May 2021
Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Windsock has been updated to version 3.4 with faster launch times, a new daylight information section, map improvements and quite a bit more.

Launch times

The app has been updated to launch faster and will always try to update its weather information when you return to the app so it should feel snappier and more current

Current Daylight

In addition, there is now a new Current Daylight section in the info screen of a site. This new section will show you the sun rise and sun set time for a given site as well as the total daylight and day or night remaining at that given location, which can be useful for seeing exactly how many minutes of daylight you have left until you need to pack up.

Decimal degrees

The info screen has also been updated to allow you to see decimal degrees as well as the more traditional degrees, minutes seconds. Simply tap on the coordinate or magnetic declination and it will toggle the decimal display on or off.

Magnetic Declination Update

The magnetic declination is an estimate of the difference between magnetic North and true North, which is useful to know to compensate for if using a compass for navigation. This declination is based on complex models of the Earth's magnetic core and crust, which are continually in flux. The app uses the World Magnetic Model (WMM) and this has now been updated to the latest version.

Map Improvements

The main map has been significantly improved. You can now rotate the map and the site annotations will rotate along with it, allowing you to get a new viewpoint for your drone flight planning. In addition, if you zoom out too far instead of getting a mess of site pins on the map, it will now cluster them together which you can zoom in to view better simply by double-tapping.

You can also hold a finger down on a site and drag it to a new location. Note that the altitude information does not change so make sure you update the altitude for the site by going into a site and tapping Edit.

Detail Screen Improvements

The main detail screen now has a dedicated help button for all the main information panels where you can get help on what all the different columns mean. In addition, tapping the panel heading now reveals a new menu where you can jump straight to a given panel - Summary, Visibility, Air, Precipitation and Satellites.

Skyplot Fixes

The app will plot where current GPS and GLONASS satellites are in the sky for the current hour and the labels didn't appear correctly in the latest iOS version. This has now been fixed.

You should automatically get the latest update on the App Store but if not, go to the app page and tap the Update button.

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