App Update: What's New in Windsock 3.5

by Richard Warrender on 16 May 2021
Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Windsock has been updated to version 3.5 with new range and distance mapping tools, a what's new and guides section as well fixing a number of bugs.

Range and distance mapping tools

From the main map you can now access range and distance mapping tools. Tapping on a tool button drops pins down at your current location where you can hold and drag the pins to a new location. Tapping on the pins reveal useful mapping information.

Distance Tool

On the distance tool it will reveal information such as outbound bearing, inbound bearing, and distance to the given pin. Note that these bearings are to true north so you will need to compensate for magnetic declination if flying by magnetic heading. Also these are just the bearings and not actual headings so make sure you compensate for wind.

Range Tool

On the range tool it will reveal information such as range/radius, diameter and total area covered. The range tool has slightly different pin arrangement in that one is a centre pin and the other represents the edge of the range, drag the centre pin to reposition the "circle" and drag the edge pin to resize it.

What's New and Guide links

In the settings menu you can find what's new and guide links. These link directly to the website and display in the app to reveal details about what's new in the app as well as guides that you may find useful.

Added OpenStreetMap to Info screen

As an additional option you can now break out of the app and display your given site on OpenStreetMap which may be useful for applying additional overlays or get driving directions.

Timezone bug

There was a bug that impacted locate sites where sometimes the timezone information was not updated correctly. This has now been fixed and times displayed for the local site should display correctly.

Map type bug

Changing the map type to a satellite map didn't always update the main map straight away, this has now been fixed and you should see the changes instantly.

Everything from 3.4

In addition this update includes everything from the 3.4 update which was released a few weeks ago and includes daylight information and map improvements.

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